I will build you an ebay B2B reseller business pro setup for £60

About This Job

If your looking to earn an extra income online then this is perfect for you. 

We will set you up an B2B RESELLING BUSINESS up on ebay that will earn you £1000s. This type of business is very easy to run and also in very high demand all over the world. 
first we will set your ebay up for selling and create 12 B2B packages that will sell easily. We will set up your keywords so you will get found by ebay customers easily so you will be guaranteed to make sales on the ebay platform as we will do full seo on all products. We will set you up with all supplier's. 
All you do is take the orders from customers and buy from the supplier and the email it to your customer. It will cost you from $5 to $10 and you will be making around $50 TO $275 PR0FIT. You will have a great business with a fantastic high potential income. This is an amazing business opportunity for anyone that wants to make a guaranteed monthly income. we will also set you up with social media marketing to drive you sales.


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10 Days Deleivery
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